Författaren bakom bloggen

“We all suffer but we recover just to discover life where we all are” ~ Owl City •*¨*•.¸¸♪

Hi! Nice to see that you found my site! I thought I’d introduce myself a little bit. I’m a 14-year old dreamer, philosopher, gemini, creative soul with a colorful mind, passionate writer, aspiring poet and artist, photographer, synaesthesiac, musician, perfectionist, bookworm, friend of earth, animal- lover, environmental fighter, proud member of WWF and a hootowl (fan of Owl City). ❤️

I want to inspire people to make a difference to humanity, our only home – Tellus, and also all the creatures which live here. I try to fight for fairness by making choices and having thoughts that spread positivity and affect the world and society in a good way. I want the world to wake up to the questions that really matter, and one way I express that is to write my thoughts and opinions and share them, for example, here. My dream is to get the possibility to do something significant to the world with only the ability to speak and write, creativity, an open mind, other people and criticism.

A pen and the right words are better weapons than a gun. I believe that even a small person can cause a big change. This may seem long, but it is just a short summary about the complex person with 1000 different sides that I call me; so if you are curious and want to know more, why not follow my blog? Good idea, isn’t it? Then you can get to know about other aspects of my life, an insight into my daily thoughts, captured moments and art. I write in Swedish but you can translate the texts with the help of Google translation tools that appear on the site. I hope that you found this interesting and that you will stay! ✿