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Welcome to my escape! This is a  creative, colorful, and dreamy site where I post my random thoughts, photographys, poems, life reflections, short storys and other things I write, often texts with important messages to the readers about sustainable development, nature, earth and animals – which I’m fighting to protect because I want to live in a world where we can still breath air, where the other creatures here aren’t just memories and where humanity have come up with solutions that makes it possible to live in harmony with. That is something I’m really intrested in. I also love to learn new things about every possible knowledge.

Anyway,  right now, I post want comes to my mind,  and that includes everything from long rants about my emotions and  deep questions, storys from my memories, my intrests, what I do in my freetime, paintings and drawings, music I like, captured moments in my daily life to photographs from vacations (currently Croatia summer 2015) .

To sum this up, If you follow this blog, you will get an insight in my mind with all it’s different sides and aspects, but you will also, hopefully, get inspired in some way. My goal is simply to share my thoughts with you people out there, to reach out with my words. A chance to lift my voice without saying anything. Writing is my weapon, the words are my power, and I want to inspire, to make you think, to look outside your personal box and open your eyes and see everything we could be.

So, dear stranger, follow me if you’d like to see what’s going on in a – litterary – colorful mind like mine.  For more information: read my bio! Do you want to know even more about this blog and it’s purpose? Take a look at my previous posts!

Greetings from a 14-year old  aspiring photographer, artist, poet, writer,  thinker, reader, writer, rebel, nature & music lover, hootowl for life, synaesthesiac, and much more who has the name Nina and hopes that you will enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy doing it.

Have a good day.


🌙 “If you can fly don’t stop at the sky, ’cause there’s footprints on the moon. ”


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